What is in the area

Grscica - Prizba

Villa Jakas is situated in Grscica, a typical Dalmatian fisherman's bay. Quiet and a bit remote, it is also suitable for mooring a boat. Relax on the public beach or take a peek outside the bay – there are many islets and coves to explore nearby. Villa is also a couple of minutes drive from a popular seaside resort Prizba with a large pebble beach, a grocery shop, couple of bars and restaurants. Discover also the inner part of the area and the seaside macadam roads which are great for an active vacation such as cycling, hiking or walking.


Villa Jakas is about a 10 minutes drive to one of the island's centers – Blato. It is famous not only for the long linden tree alley, but also for the traditional sword dance Kumpanjija, one of the most notable sword dance on the island. Blato is surrounded with a field with a lots of vineyards and there were also a lot if vineyards on the hillsides covered with stone walls. Because of that, Blato has a rich winemaking tradition making it an ideal spot for a wine tasting hangout. Stroll through the center to see the church of All Saints and the big loggia right next to it! The square where they are located is also a place where Kumpanjija and various summer events are being held.

Vela Luka

A seaside town with a long and famous tradition of a capella singers called klapa – enjoy in local wine and fresh fish along the long seaside promenade hosting summer events with klapa singers! Notable sightseeing spots are the archaeological site Vela spila, the abandoned fortress Hum and the beaches around the island of Proizd. Being one of the two main ports on the island, the bay of Vela Luka is also suitable for mooring a bigger boat. Explore also the nearby bays with a clear blue sea and cultural and art heritage of Vela Luka in the Culture center.

Korcula city

The centuries old town is at your reach! Feel the history by strolling inside the old city walls or visiting the performance of the famous sword dance Moreska. Restaurants with Michelin-class chefs are making Korcula more and more recognizable on Croatia's gastro map. There are also various summer events in Korcula and things to do. Should you decide to explore the area around the town, you will find other gastro and sightseeing spots, as well as many pebble beaches which are scattered throughout the island.